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Current system configuring and wire management
SensibleMediaDesign Services
Remote control and automation
At SMD, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  Our team members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
Automation is our sweet spot in an area where you need it!  We can provide a simple all-in-one remote or a whole house solution complete with even iPad/iPhone remote solutions.  This is also an area where pictures and themes can really give your house that personal touch that is unique to you.
Home or business wiring
Wiring is a VERY important element to your new home or business.  Running needed wires afterwards is always more expensive and troublesome.  We provide both the planning and installation of all your wiring needs for digital sound and video as well as control.  We also future-proof your installation for things we know are coming....
These days your entire home can be made to work AROUND you...We can make all your electronics work together and make your life simpler.  Most people "just want it to work" and do not want to make their lives MORE complicated.  Electronic media should make life more enjoyable, not more frustrating!
Integration of phone, HVAC, lighting, and security
Complete custom theater design and installation
Of course this is our major area of focus.  We can design a theater that amazes for a reasonable price!  Everything is scalable and we can work with almost every budget.  We have a demo room in Trophy Club TX that will help give you ideas and inspire you.  Reserve a seat today!
You may already have the system that works for you and your budget.  Let us help you to make the most of it and make sure it is firing on all cylinders.  We have seen many systems that could be better and easier to use just by a short tune-up.

We can also provide a fresh wire management makeover that will improve the LOOK of the equipment itself.  All those loose wires can be a mess sometimes that detracts from a professional clean image that should accompany your home or business. 

$100 and up depending on scope and finish requirements.
SMD is an industry leader in boardroom and auditorium excellence.  When you want an easy to use video and audio solution, we are can delivery it all.  Clear audio that sounds perfect whether you are 5', 25' or a world apart is our standard.  Computers, BluRay DVDs, Video conferencing  and more all delivered seamlessly to High Definition displays.

We build every system to meet YOUR needs and your budget.  Many companies can design and install bloated systems that push your budget.  The secret is to put our clients first and find creative ways to deliver AV excellence AND on a lower budget.

Boardroom, Classroom and Auditorium AV excellence